When it comes to ocean and beach cleanup efforts, the entire state of California has long been leading the way by banning single-use plastic bags, reducing plastic straws, and even banning microplastics that are found in wash-off products like toothpaste and face wash. Have you ever thought of what you could do to join in the fight against ocean litter? We have a great idea.

AMC employees, residents, and their families join together each summer to pick up trash to help keep our local beaches and parks clean. While we are disappointed we can’t join together this year, we have a great alternative!

We’re hosting a cleanup event on Saturday, July 25. While we can’t gather in person because of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions, we invite our entire AMC family to individually make small efforts that can lead to big results for our beautiful beaches and parks. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits, planning, and safety considerations of your cleanup.

Discover the Benefits of Clean Beaches and Parks

Whether you spend the morning at Richmond Park or take a day trip to Bolsa Chica State Beach, you’re making the world a more beautiful place by devoting a few hours to cleaning up trash. Those cleanup efforts will have lasting effects on the local wildlife, economy, and even your own personal satisfaction.

The adage “seeing is believing” is especially true when considering beach cleanup efforts. “There’s a major difference between seeing photos of plastic pollution online and witnessing it on an actual beach,” according to Derek Dodds of WaveTribe.com. “It makes one think about the impact of the non-biodegradable stuff that we are using and how it’s affecting the environment.”

And if you want to burn some calories and trigger those feel-good endorphins, picking up trash can actually be a workout!

Plan Your Cleanup

If you’ve cleared your calendar for July 25, it’s now time to organize all the necessary supplies for your cleanup. In addition to your own reusable water bottle and healthy snacks, be sure to add these key items to your list.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Trash bags
  • Paper lawn and refuse bags for yard waste
  • Cloth, reusable gloves
  • Brooms, dustpans, and buckets for cigarette butts and glass
  • First aid kit

Stay Safe While Cleaning

COVID-19 social distancing guidelines are still in place throughout the state, so your beach or park cleanup crew might be small. But, if you plan on inviting friends or extended family to join in your cleanup, consider the CDC’s advice to not shake hands, do elbow bumps, or give hugs. “Instead wave and verbally greet them.” And don’t forget to follow California’s mask mandate by wearing your mask when you can’t safely stay six feet apart.

Removing trash from parks and beaches really does make a difference and can be a fun, memorable summer activity, so long as you prepare properly and stay safe. So join us for our cleanup event on July 25 or anytime during the month of July! Tag Highland Pinetree Apartments in your photos and use the hashtags #AMCcleanup and #livehappy. We can’t wait to see the difference you are making!