Even if you’re not from California, you’ve probably heard of Philz Coffee. The coffee shop has become a staple of California culture thanks to social media influencers and other fans who have introduced the brand to dozens of others. Although the shop was created in San Francisco, it has become a favorite of Fullerton locals as well. 

If you’re looking for a delicious and freshly brewed cup of coffee, Philz Coffee is the place for you. With a variety of drinks to choose from, Philz offers all the comforts of a coffee shop with the heart of a founder who has a true passion for coffee. Here are three reasons why our residents love Philz Coffee so much.

Phil’s Coffee Passion

The history of Philz Coffee is one of the reasons why we love supporting this coffee chain. The owner of the shop, Phil, first started his business in 1978 when he bought a convenience store in the Mission District of San Francisco. Even while he wasn’t working, he blended and tried a variety of brews in the hopes of making the perfect cup of coffee. 

After 25 years of experimentation, he was finally able to produce the coffee he had always longed for. He began selling the coffee from his kitchen table in the convenience store and continued to provide coffee centered around quality, care, and connection. 

Guiding Principles that Prioritize Sustainability

The Philz community is dedicated to sustainability and providing options that protect the planet. Not only do they always search for innovative solutions that help them prioritize the environment, but they also learn from their mistakes. 

Sustainability starts with responsible sourcing. Philz Coffee is part of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, has participated in the Checkoff Program from World Coffee Research, and has performed a third-party verification of their practices to ensure that they are following the best sustainability practices. On top of their own processes, they have also partnered with Food 4 Farmers, an organization that is dedicated to preserving farming communities. 

Endless Coffee Flavors 

Philz allows you to fully customize your coffee—from the blend you use as your base to the syrups and milk you add to it. They have several options for dark, medium, and light brews that each have their own notes—perfect for both beginner and experienced coffee drinkers. 

If navigating their menu is overwhelming for you, they also have featured creations that their brewers come up with. Our personal favorite at the moment? Iced coffee rosé—their smooth and sweet iced coffee topped with subtle rose cream. If you like chocolate, the mocha tesora is also delicious. 

If you’re looking for a coffee shop with more to offer than a morning boost, check out Philz Coffee in Fullerton, California. Their passion, principles, and flavors elevate every cup. And if you’re looking for apartments in Fullerton with access to delicious shops like Philz Coffee right next door, consider Highland Pinetree Apartment Homes

Image courtesy of Philz Coffee on Yelp