Hot summer months where your workouts, daily activities, and even poolside lounging might result in excessive perspiration make increasing your daily water intake even more important. Not only does water work to keep you refreshed and replenished, but it also helps your body regulate temperature and reduces other health conditions like fatigue, headaches, and even kidney stones.

Even if your favorite beverages are caffeinated or carbonated, water needs to take a strong role in your daily life. Sure, you can still enjoy those other drinks, but you should also be drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day as well. Here are four tips to help keep you reaching for that H2O for optimal hydration.

Download the right app.

There are several smartphone apps designed to remind you to stay hydrated. Based on body weight, activity level, and personal goals, these apps are designed to track your water intake and regularly remind you to drink up.

Water Reminder is a solid option for either iOS or Android. You can even gamify your water intake with Plant Nanny—every logged drop of water helps your pet plant grow—for iOS and Android.

Find the perfect water bottle.

Whether you prefer the long-lasting cooling effects of the Yeti, a Camelbak bottle perfect for your daily run around our Fullerton neighborhood, or maybe that simple large glass you enjoy refilling regularly, finding a motivating water bottle will help inspire you to sip away all day.

If you have problems tracking the actual ounces you drink in a day, try a water bottle that not only tracks those numbers but also encourages you along the way. Venture Pal’s 32-ounce bottle is marked with both inspirations and time stamps from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to ensure you get all 64 ounces in.

Add some flavor.

Admittedly, we can all tire of drinking plain water day in and day out. And our tastebuds often long for a flavor punch throughout our daily hydration routine. Infusing your water with fruit and herbs adds a burst of vibrancy to tap water, and that fruit offers a natural sweetness, too.

Looking for some great flavor combinations? Try recipe combinations like cucumber, thyme and lime/lemon, or carrot and apple. Strawberry and pineapple is a great, tropical option. Orange and kiwi pair great, too. And don’t forget chunks of watermelon in your water for summery fun.

Make water your first option. 

When dining out, eating at a neighborhood party, or even looking through your own fridge, there are likely multiple beverage options like coffee, cocktails, sodas, and fruit juices. A good rule of thumb before reaching for one of those favorite drinks is to first drink a glass of water.

Reaching for that water bottle first thing in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your daily intake. And that glass of cold water in the morning is a great way to help wake up your metabolism.

Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or a cool 50-degree evening, it’s time to find creative ways to increase your water intake, be it by downloading a smartphone app, finding the perfect water bottle, adding a punch of flavor, or choosing water first.