Don’t look now, but your lease is up, and it’s time to move. As if moving to a new apartment isn’t tough enough, COVID-19 concerns can complicate moving arrangements, if not halt them altogether. If you have plans to move to a new apartment, here are three important safety moving tips to remember. 

DO Check with the Leasing Office to Make Arrangements for a Walk-Through and Key Return

“If you rent, talk to your current landlord about how you can safely drop off keys and collect your security deposit, and talk to your new landlord about the process for a safe move in,” advise experts at At Highland Pinetree Apartment Homes, the safety of our staff, as well as current and future residents, is a priority. To address health concerns, we often use virtual tours, online payment options, and contact-free key drop-offs to reduce the need for direct contact. Call your leasing agent to learn more about options. 

DO NOT Borrow Moving Totes or Reuse Boxes

Under normal conditions, it’s common to borrow plastic totes or scout around for large warehouse boxes to help pack your things for the move—don’t do it. Recent studies show that the coronavirus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours. Boxes that you already own are fine, but you’ll need to resist the urge to buy them second-hand or borrow them from a neighbor. Go straight to the store and buy them yourself. If possible, buy more than you think you’ll need; that will prevent any last-minute packing emergencies.

DO Work with a Professional Moving Company

Because of social distancing concerns, relying on extended family and friends isn’t an option. If you have a full load of furniture and personal belongings to move, there are advantages to using a moving company. First, a professional moving team is trained to maintain social distancing, use gloves and masks, and use disinfectant products throughout the moving process. Second, a moving company is equipped with new boxes and moving materials, which reduces the risk of spreading the virus. Problem solved! 

If you have plans to move to a new apartment, remember these dos and don’ts. By working with the leasing office, taking recognized precautions, and considering a moving company, you can move to your new home easily and safely.