While you probably won’t be able to picnic or see a movie in Fullerton theaters this year, you and yours can still enjoy some kid-friendly, memory-making activities to show your patriotism on the Fourth this year. Here are three ideas to celebrate while keeping safety in mind:

Build Patriotic Crafts

If you’re at home with no pending plans or no work to do, it can be a great time to bring out all your crafting supplies and get your kids in the creative spirit. Spend the morning of the Fourth building patriotic decor that you can display for your afternoon picnic, which you might have to do indoors on a blanket in your living room. Think along the lines of paper pinwheels, bedazzled candles, and Mason jar flower vases.

If your kids are missing the fireworks this year, help them build their own balloon fireworks instead. Grab a pack of red, white, and blue balloons and, with your kids, twist and tie them along a long string or twine. And when the time comes, let your kids pop them all for fun!

Get Dressed Up

Getting all dressed up in our most patriotic patterns of red, white, and blue can often be a favorite highlight of the Independence Day festivities. Glittery blue and red hair bows, flag T-shirts, and even colored striped shoes can be part of the day’s attire.

Mix Some Sodas

A patriotic Italian soda can be a fun twist on favorite beverages. Combine them with your burger or your hot dog, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide Fourth of July lunch special. Enhance your drinks with Sprite or club soda and add in a little flavored syrup, if it’s just not sweet enough already. Yum!

While 2020’s Fourth of July celebrations will look much different this year, there are still many ways to create and memories with your family indoors. Get out the crafts, get dressed up for the occasion, and put together those patriotic Italian sodas, and you should have a blast.